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5 Easy Things to Improve Your Home

Home is your haven. Therefore, it only makes sense to enjoy the space you live in. However, some people don’t think about improving their space until they’re ready to sell the home. And others put off any improvements to avoid a costly project.

Fortunately, updating your home’s appearance doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are plenty of cost-effective things you can do to improve the efficiency and design of your haven.

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1. Add color and decor to your walls

You can give any room in your home a quick facelift with color and wall art. A gallon of paint only cost about $30-$45, and you can paint an entire room in one day or a weekend.

This simple improvement can get rid of boring white walls, giving your space a touch of style and sophistication. Even if you can’t change your furniture pieces, wall color can give the illusion of a bigger space and create a warm, cozy atmosphere. For an added touch, purchase inexpensive wall pieces such as artwork and mirrors.

2. Improve your curb appeal

There is no rule that says you have to hire an expensive landscaper to improve the exterior of your home. Rather than focus entirely on your interior, devote a weekend to cleaning up the outside of your property — the front and back.

For example, remove all clutter such as old toys, bikes and boxes. Pull out your lawn mower and edger to give your yard a nice manicure. Visit a home improvement store and purchase inexpensive plants for your flower bed to add a splash of color, or hang planters.

You can also paint your front door and shutters, and perhaps hang a wreath. In addition, a new outdoor light fixture adds style, as does outdoor solar lights to illuminate your flower bed at night.

3. Update light fixtures and faucets

You may not have the bankroll to completely remodel your kitchen or bathrooms, but you can give these spaces an inexpensive facelift by replacing the light fixtures, faucet and hardware.

These changes coupled with a fresh coat of paint and new accessories will transform your space from bland to fabulous.

If you have some cash to play with, pick one or two other upgrades to add style. For example,  you can replace the top of your bathroom vanity, paint your cabinets in the kitchen or bathrooms, or update the flooring with tile or wood.

4. Purchase a home water system

If your shower heads, glassware and pans have a white residue, or if your clothes aren’t as clean after being washed, you might have hard water.

Hard water may seem like a minor issue, but the effects are widespread. Because hard water contains minerals — such as calcium, magnesium and iron — deposits can clog your pipes and cause dry skin and hair after a shower or bath. Installing systems for water softening not only eliminate hard water, they can preserve the life of your appliances, pipes, and you don’t waste time removing scum from silverware and glassware.

5. Create more space in your home

Your house may feel small. However, the problem may not be lack of space, but rather too much stuff in your space. To give the illusion of a bigger space, remove large furniture pieces and bring in additional storage, such as ottomans and bookcases with doors. Or rent a storage unit to store out-of-season items and other belongings that you don’t use on a regular basis.

The truth is, you don’t have to spend a lot to make minor improvements to your home; and in most cases, you can complete projects yourself. With a new wall color, stylish decor and less clutter, you can transform your home into a relaxing oasis.



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