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5 tips to give your bathrooms a wow factor

You want to give your bathroom a new look? Great, but make it right so the next time you have guests you’ll hear them saying “wow!” when they enter you freshly refurbished bathroom. Not sure where to start? Here are five ideas to give your bathroom the wow factor.

Make small bigger

First thing your guests will notice is your bathroom size. If you have a big one you have an advantage but even if your bathroom is small, not all is lost. Keep the design simple and uncluttered to make the space seem bigger than it really is. Plain colours, restrain in use of different patterns, and limited number of decorations will all make the bathroom visually more spacious. And don’t forget big, bright mirrors.

Color and pattern accent

If your bathroom is of the bigger sort you can let it go a bit and experiment with colour and pattern. Few things give a bathroom a bigger wow factor than a well-placed colour accent. Imagine a bathroom all in one colour; let’s go conservative, hygienic white. Now in your head break this monotony with a strong colour accent, be it a bright yellow bathtub or a blood red tiles behind the mirror. It’s eye catching and gives the bathroom a fresh look; just don’t overdo it.

Power of light

Well-placed lights will make your bathroom both a pleasant space to spend time in and a more practical one. A set of dim lights (or with adjustment option) can turn your bathroom into a more romantic setting whenever you need it; a dedicated, strong light by the mirror will make putting on creams and lotions in the evening easier. For more lightning ideas book a night at a five star hotel and get inspired by their world class design.


Even the best design can disappear under piles and piles of hair spray cans, creams, toothpaste tubes, nail clipper and so on. Well-designed storage space is key to an impressive bathroom. Bathroom cabinets are fine but storage space hidden in wall cavities is even better and leaves the bathroom more neat and spacious. If you’re looking to renovate or add more space, it may pay to hire a bathroom renovator like Choice Bathrooms to install extra space.

Go gadget

Modern, fancy accessories are straightforward way to make your bathroom more cool giving it the desired wow factor. Things like floor heating, automatic lights, shower sound system, and a Jacuzzi bathtub never fail to impress, not to mention that they the bathroom more convenient and fun in everyday use for you and your loved ones. They also increase the value of your house if you’re thinking of selling it.

Invest in spacious, neat, well-designed bathroom with some interesting interior design ideas and a number of modern accessories, and soon you’ll hear your guests shouting out in amazement when visiting your house. You never know, the word spread your bathroom might end up in one of these glossy, colorful design magazines.


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