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Bringing Life To Your Home With Personal Photos

There are so many design choices you can to make your home suit your personality and make you feel comfortable. This is anything from paint color choices to furniture selection and a multitude of other decisions. Get everything setup just right and you can feel truly happy in your home.


Design and decor only goes so far in really make a house a home though. Without one crucial element that home could belong to anyone with similar tastes. That extra element is personal mementos that have a story behind them or remind you of special events in your life.


A lot of people like to showcase souvenirs they bought on vacation but the most personal route you can go is photos. One look at a photo can take you back to that special time and bring back those same emotions. They can remind you about special people in your life. They simply bring more of who you are into your decor.


So what should we be considering when deciding on photos to use throughout our home?


There is Such Thing as Too Many Photos


There is no rule of how many photos to display. Some people like just a few throughout their home but other people take it to the next level. Just beware, you might have a ton of special memories to showcase, but displaying all of those throughout your home is overkill. Your home doesn’t need to be THAT personal. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with memories while in your home and you don’t want to put off visitors.


Did You Include the Right People?


When you get including family or friends in the photos in your home, you walk a fine line about who is included. For example if you’re going to show off photos of your direct family, you better be including every direct family member unless you have a good reason to exclude someone. I know some people actually have photos of extra relatives hidden away in case they are going to be visiting, but that’s pretty insincere. Just be thoughtful about how someone will feel if they are close to you but left out of the photos. Don’t make it awkward when they visit.


Are Some Rooms Off Limits For Personal Photos?


In my opinion you should try to limit personal photos to common areas of your home such as your living room, hallways, office, etc. There are certainly rooms where personal photos should be avoided. The first is the bathroom for obvious reasons. Do you really want to associate your cherished memories with the private stuff you do in the bathroom? The second off limits room is the bedroom, at least when you are married or dating. Do you really want a photo of your four year old nephew looking back at you during intimate moments?


What Size Photos To Use


Unless you’ve done some amazing photography, it’s usually a good idea to keep personal photography small. My favorite approach is collage type picture frames that allow you to insert several photos. You can achieve a similar effect with staggered framed photos on the wall too. These types of arrangements tend to work best in hallways or stairways where you would naturally be close enough to take in the photos. There’s no point in using small photos on a wall that you are usually several feet away from.


Which Special Moments Should I Show Off?


There are some memories that may be best kept private or might be uncomfortable for others. Obviously you should focus on your happiest memories and shots of the closest people in your life. Just ask yourself if any of those choices will make people uncomfortable such as a photo that is associated with an ex. You may be your home but you should make it comfortable for others too.


When you do figure out the best photo strategy for your decor, consider printing those photos at home. With the quality of photo printers these days this route may give you much more flexibility. Check out the video below for a good option.




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