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Costly Homeowner Decisions

Once you are a homeowner, you can’t just call your landlord anymore to fix a problem. And if you are a true adult, you can’t pull in your parents and have them make the decisions for you either. Being a responsible homeowner means that you will have to make some difficult decisions at some point.



New Roof

There are very few things as costly as having a new roof installed for a homeowner. It can easily cost a few thousand dollars if not more. You can always risk putting off getting a new roof longer, but you put the rest of your house in danger when you do so. A few leaks here and there could have you in need of other repairs besides the new roof. Of course, if your whole roof is not in poor shape, a patch job does not cost much at all. Having a roofing professional come and survey the damage will help you make the right decision. Don’t be scared about going up on the roof yourself. It is always a good idea to see things firsthand and not just take someone’s word for it.


New appliances can really hit your budget hard. Buying a new refrigerator, oven, or freezer can become expensive very quickly. However, if your appliance just needs a quick tuneup and is not on its last legs, a repairman could save you thousands of dollars. Find a company that provides appliance repair service and keep their phone number handy. Establishing a relationship with them will give you someone to turn to when your fridge conks out and it’s packed with perishable items.

Replacing Your Furnace

Once your heat goes out on a cold winter’s night, you will truly realize what being a homeowner is all about. The last thing you want to do is let it go unfixed for a while. If it becomes too cold, pipes can freeze and burst and cause much more damage. This is why when a home becomes abandoned for a length of time, it is common to find problems that stem just from not having the heat on. If your furnace stops working, call the repairman immediately. Hopefully, they can come and see what is wrong during the next day. If you happen to need a brand new furnace, the installation will probably cost more than the actual furnace itself. Be prepared to lay out a few thousand dollars if you do need a new one.


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