Designing an Outdoor Space that will Function Through all Seasons

threaten the ability to use our outdoor spaces year-around. When investing in outdoor spaces and landscaping, it can be difficult to look past the fall months and there is usually and blank until spring comes around.

But does this have to be? Is there no way to enjoy your handiwork the entire year through — Including the winter?

Here are some ideas on how to make your property a more inviting and usable place during every season:


Choose Stone Over Wood

Natural stone is a valuable material, mostly due to its durability and timeless look. No need to worry about the freeze-thaw cycle leading to mould or other such issues. While stone can still be affected by ice, if installed properly, should last for decades. It is also not as prone to pest damage as wood is. Termites or carpenter ants can do a real number on you if they get into your deck. There are also so many different types of stone which can give a more organic or polished look depending on what you are after. A huge plus is the fire safety rating which can allow you to have a fire element to warm yourself next to.


Invest in Extreme Weather Elements

The weather is usually the biggest deterrent from spending quality time outside. It might be too hot, too cold, too windy, raining, etc. Invest into installing elements that can make your time in the fresh air more comfortable. Think shades, gazebos, heat lamps, and little alcoves which extend your common living area outside of the confines of your home.


Plant Evergreen

If you want a pretty yard all year around, you need to plant things that will look good in every season. Evergreens are an obvious starting point as they keep their foliage all year around. Luckily, there are many different types from large trees, to hedges and small bushes. There are also hardwood options which are appealing for most seasons, providing pretty textures and elements like berries, to the mix.



In the winter, it can get dark very early, making it difficult to enjoy your yard, even if it is beautifully landscaped. Invest in some strategic lighting that will give your home and your property a modern look. Highlight some of the key aspects of your yard with some spotlights, and give your deck some extra glow with a string of oversized twinkle lights up above.


The Perfect Furniture

When you choose your outdoor furniture, mentally put it through the seasons. Will it be comfortable in the heat of summer as well as the cold of winter? Would it just require a little transition like some cushions and blankets? Can you see yourself spending hours using them? The right pieces will tie everything together—the landscaping, the lights, the stone patio and more.

Just because you live in a climate that has winter, doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own outdoor oasis!



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