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Few kitchen upgrade ideas suggested by professionals

A lot of planning has to be involved in remodeling your kitchen. It’s actually a massive project. More often than not you may ignore the kitchen cabinets and lay stress on your countertops and flooring. When it comes to a modern kitchen, a home buyer expects a cost-efficient measure would be underway.

The value of your home will most likely be increased when you incorporate high-end kitchen cabinets featuring creative storage options and drawers the close softly. Your favorite kitchen companies Auckland have set up web-pages depicting numerous ways of increasing home value.

Soft-close drawers

In comparison to ordinary drawers that slam shut are likely to last for a shorter period of time. They tend to make much lesser noise than usual.

The good news is that you’ll no longer have to replace your kitchen drawers that frequently. By spending an amount as little as $20, you may gain the glory of acquiring a new kitchen drawer. You may try out a few DIY methods of home improvement after you get your hardware and soft-close track. You may need to follow the guidelines laid down by the manufacturer if you find it tough to install them on your own.

Custom kitchen storage

A few years back, you’d look for a corner cabinet that resembles a lazy Susan. It could be a popular way of upgrading your kitchen storage, yet you’ll need to include a few unique features that demand expanding your storage with spice racks that can be rotated vertically within the cabinet. Again, you’ll also have secret drawers that enable you to keep smaller items. Coffee Makers, toasters and few other small appliances can remain hidden well within the cabinet fronts.

Draw-out shelving

This is one feature that enables you to keep narrow shelves and drawers instead of reaching out your cabinet backs. You must check out designs that provide a lifted edge over your shelf for keeping items from falling down. You may even catch up with a few new designs that enable you to move your shelf while cleaning it. You’ll need to shed an amount worth $100 over new hardware and pull-out shelf that can be installed through your DIY methods.

Below-the-cabinet lighting

It took a few years for this feature to be incorporated in modern kitchens. It’s been a common feature for every high-end kitchen design. You’ll need to install these lights simultaneously with your new cabinets and connect them with various switches. When it’s professionally worked upon, it will provide you with multiple options of controlling the amount of light that you need.

You may choose strips of varying lengths and quality that are simple to install. The cost of such spot-lights and below-the-cabinet strips may vary between $10 and $100.

You may consider painting your latest cabinets if the bright white version doesn’t seem to meet your budget. You’ll soon experience your long-cherished white kitchen once you’ve finished painting your cabinets. Yes, you’ll need to hold on to your patience and plan things in advance.


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