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Five Ways to Enhance the Entrance to Your Witney Home

The entrance to your home gives off an immediate impression. It is worth taking the time to improve it so it looks more appealing and reflects who you are. Many homes in Witney look tired, which not only lets the property down it can also reduce the value of the house and even affect the image of the whole street.

Make Your Home Inviting

You want to make your home impress from the moment your guests (or potential buyers) pull up outside. You can do this by creating a clean and inviting driveway that is well lit at all hours. Keep the pathways and the drive free from weeds and consider using flowers and plants in pots if you don’t have the time or the energy for weeding.

Make Your Front Door Stand Out

Add a front door that is bright and cheerful. You can find solid and sturdy doors that come in a variety of colours or that can be treated with paint. Witney doors always look their best when they catch the eye, either using colour or style.

Sort Out the Front Garden

Overgrown plants and shrubs make the garden look messy. Spend time taking care of the garden, pruning overgrown plants or redesigning the space to be easier to maintain throughout the year. Containers are easier to manage and it’s even possible to buy fake lawns that require zero maintenance! Give yourself half an hour each week when you will clean up the garden, picking out any litter that has been dropped by passers-by and removing weeds. Don’t forget the rubbish area – buy new bins and always ensure the bin bags are properly put away.

Make Your Home Your Own

If you aren’t selling the property, add some personality to your porch area. Pick a handsome number sign, add some plants that you love and consider adding additional accessories. A great touch is the addition of a bench or a table and chair, ideal for reading the paper on sunny Sunday mornings. It makes your home look friendly and inviting and adds character.

Use Light to brighten the Home

Homes need to be well-lit in Witney. The lights provide security for the home, making it difficult for burglars to hide when attempting to break in or leave your property. Motion sensitive lighting is ideal as it won’t bother you as you’re trying to go to sleep. Illuminating pathways with solar lights is a cheap and effective way to help your guests make their way safely to your front door. They are very cheap to buy and don’t cost you anything to run. The added bonus of solar lighting is the lack of wiring.

These five tips will improve the appearance of any home. If you are taking on a project like this, tackle the larger jobs first, such as replacing the old door with a new one and adding security lights. Once you have them in place the rest of the work simply involves beautifying the entrance.

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