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How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Home

Every interior space needs an update now and then. Purchasing new furniture is the easiest way to transform a room, but it can be difficult to coordinate different pieces. Home furnishings should make the space comfortable and inviting, and reflect the personal taste of the home owner. Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing new furniture.

Create a Budget and Shop Around

Cheap furniture is exactly thatcheap, and it wont hold up well to daily use. In the long run, its best to spend a bit more for a piece of quality furniture that will last for a long time. Even still, interior decorators shouldnt have to take out a loan for a decent sofa. Before shopping for new furnishings, determine how much money can be safely spent. Its also a good idea to shop around to get an idea of how much a particular piece of furniture should cost and to seek out the best quality at the appropriate price. Take advantage of furniture websites too, which often have great deals.

Determine Appropriate Furnishing Sizes

Choose furniture that fits well within the room that is being redecorated. Furniture that is too large may make the room appear smaller than it actually is. Alternatively, furnishings that are too small may make the room feel empty. For small rooms, stick to light-coloured furniture and use accents sparingly. Its easier to make multiple patterns work in a larger room, just ensure the patterns coordinate. For awkward spaces, try using pieces of furniture to break the room into smaller parts that are easier to decorate.

Choosing Materials

When deciding on new furnishings, consider the colour of the room that is being redecorated as well as the desired atmosphere. Use wall decorations, as well as fabric swatches from curtains and pillows, as a guide to establish a theme. Large pieces of furniture (such as a sectional couch) should be a solid colour, while smaller pieces (like armchairs) should act as accents and have a pattern. If there are too many patterns, the room will feel dizzying. Less is more when choosing furniture and its easier to dress up plain furnishings than it is to downplay busy pieces.

Picking a Style

Matching furniture is nice, but it can give a room a doctors officefeel, making a home seem cold and unoccupied. There are no rules saying that every piece of furniture has to match, just make sure that the furnishings complement each other. The goal in redecorating a room is to create a space that tickles the personal fancy, so try mixing and matching styles to see which suits the room best. Choose two or three styles to focus on. Use modern furniture as well as rustic pieces to give a room more character, and dont shy away from using painted and wood-stained pieces together.

Every home should be unique and comfortable for whoever is living in it. Using contemporary furniture is a great way to spruce up a room, and with some careful planning it is possible to redecorate without breaking the bank.


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