How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

When you look at luxury homes (read: designed, staged and styled), it can make it a little depressing when you look around your own home and see anything other than a perfect picture. It’s the interior equivalent of airbrushing.

However, making your home look more expensive doesn’t actually have to be that expensive. Take a look at our top tips for making your home look like a luxury pad.


Minimalism looks expensive, though in reality it just means getting rid of your stuff. There are lots of things that you can do with the things that you don’t want. Whether you sell it, donate it or plain throw it away, getting rid of your unwanted belongings is always a good thing for your home and your sense of wellbeing.

Make sure that any accessories that you might have left are very carefully placed, and in unison with the rest of the room. If your colour scheme is black and white, make sure that your accessories match.

Change Your Linen

A new set of bath towels can do wonders and they don’t have to break the bank. Replace your old, scruffy ones with fluffy new towels and you’ll be living in the lap of luxury. If you’re really feeling posh you could even have them monogrammed.

Coffee Table Books

Head down to your local charity shop and make a beeline for the book section. It might be a bit of a hunt, but you should be able to uncover some gems when it comes to coffee table books. If the sleeve is tatty or ripped, then just take it off for the hardcover underneath.

Frame your Posters

If your art work consists of bits of paper stuck on the wall, then you probably need to smarten up. Framing your posters can make a world of difference, though frames they can be expensive. Choose a couple of posters and find some cheap frames for a smart, sophisticated look.

Swap Out Your Flooring

Flooring can make all the difference when it comes to the way a room feels. If your floor is covered with a cheap lino, then swapping it out for something that looks more expensive will instantly make the room feel more luxurious. Something like these wooden tiles from the Yorkshire Tile Company work wonders, and you cut down on costs by laying them yourself.

Rugs are an excellent way to make a room look luxurious, but they can often be expensive to buy. If you buy several small rugs, you can sew them together with upholstery needle and thread.

Hack Your Boring Furniture

Cheap furniture will always look pretty cheap, and boring to boot. But it’s easy to add a little bit of personality to your furniture when you know how, and there are lots of DIYs across the internet to help. Check out Ikea Hackers for ideas on how to make your Ikea furniture more luxurious.

You can do the same for other aspects of your décor too, such as lampshades.

Reupholster Your Furniture

You can reupholster your furniture yourself if you put your mind, time and patience in to it. Even something that looks quite complicated, like that easy chair, has the potential to be rather simple. If you’re feeling brave, study the chair – what goes on first, how it’s fixed, etc, before you begin to take it apart. Then, as you take it apart, take notes and pictures on the order. It should, therefore be relatively simple to put everything back together with new fabric. This process gives you a great sense of satisfaction when you complete it, and almost completely new furniture too!


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