How to Organise a Summer Garden Clearout

Gardens are very easy to fill with clutter and items that you might get around to using “one day”, and a bit like a child’s bedroom it can be very difficult to keep tidy and organised. Nobody ever likes to throw things away but sometimes, especially in the garden where you’re limited to how much space you have, you just have to bite the bullet and get organised.


When the sun comes out we can’t wait to get out in the garden, either to sit and relax with a cold drink and an ice cream, to have friends and family round for a barbecue or to get the lawn cut and the new flowers in the ground and blooming to add style and colour to your garden that you love so much. In all of those cases, it’s a shame when the things you don’t focus on let all of your hard work down. For example, old wooden pallets that building materials were delivered on might still be kept behind the shed or broken plant pots might still be sat on the path “just in case” you find a use for them.


Some people will buy a new house and find that the garden they are inheriting has been left to grow and grow and is now unmanageable. This is the perfect excuse to get your gardening gloves on, bring out the shears and get to work.


The best place is to start with the shed. It may be that you don’t have one, in which case you will need to prepare an area of the garden that you think would be the ideal location, and then to work out how much you have to spend on your structure and whether or not you want it to be made from wood or plastic. Either way, you will have plenty of options online like the range at or down at your local DIY or garden centre where you can go down and take a look for yourself. Having chosen your structure, you can then get to work safe in the knowledge that you have somewhere to store the things that you are going to keep, and a secure location to keep your lawn mower and essential tools.


Next you will want to actually work out what you want to use your garden for. Some will keep it neat and tidy just because they have one, others will want a dedicated area to grow fruit and vegetables, others might want an area to entertain their friends and family during the summer and other families will be after a space of land to let the children play safely. Whatever your choice is, you need to have reached a decision before you start to save you doing the same work again in a few weeks or months – not ideal considering the particularly brief British summer!


Having done all of this, you then need to take on a ruthless streak. If you don’t use it, and haven’t done for some time and – let’s face it – probably won’t use it again, just throw it away, recycle it, or donate it if it is still in good condition. Too many gardens are spoiled by clutter and they can look small and uninviting as a consequence. By getting rid of the things you don’t use, you’ll soon find that the garden looks bigger, there is more space in the shed and you actually want to spend time in the garden.


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