Storage Ideas for Your Bedroom

Bedroom is the place we rest and refresh. I believe most people want their bedroom look clean and tidy and also warm and cozy.Do you always make your bedroom messy and then spend long time to organize it? Here I have some storage ideas for you to keep your bedroom organized.

 1. Wall shelf

If your bedroom space is limited, you can take full advantage of the room corners and edges in order to explore more storage space. The space upper your nightstand is a great space for you to use: you can install two pieces of shelves on the wall to form a perfect display place. The commonly used item can be placed on the shelf, such as your hairpinglasses, jewelry and so on.

 2. Build-in lattices

We may lessdeveloped and use thespace above the bed. We can design it to open style build-in lattices. You can put your books or other items in the lattices. The huge storage space of the lattice will allow you to make your bedroom look clean and tidy.

3.Concise nightstand

Nightstands are also the necessary bedroom furniture pieces. Being on the sides of the bed, it offers you convenience to place your cups or lamps. The drawers of the nightstand also offer you storage for your small accessories.

 4.Space under the bed

It is really great idea to develop the space under your bed. This place may be the most highly forgotten. Some bed is designed with drawers under the bed to offer you storage for not commonly used beddings and not usually dressed clothes. It doesn’t matter if your bed is not designed with storage function: you can put several storage baskets under the bed.

 5.Bed stool

If your bedroom is large enough, you also can choose a bed stool. Some blankets, pillows and books can be temporarily placed on the stool.

 6.Multi-functional wardrobe

For big bedroom, you also can choose a big wardrobe with multi-functions. When choosing the wardrobe, you need to take full use of the height of bedroom in order to increase the available space of the wardrobe. The usually used items need to be place at the reachable place of the wardrobe. The off-season items need to store on the top of the wardrobe.

7.Beautiful and functional chest of drawers

As its name refers, the chest of drawers has several drawers, which offer you enough storage space for your small items. The advantage of the chest of drawers is that it ensures you to classify and store your small items. There are different sizes of the chests in the market. You can choose a proper size according to your space size.

 Hope this article can help you to create a comfortable and also organized bedroom. Still looking for more information, then click hereand get more home improvement ideas.


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