The Benefits of Instant Boiling Water

Installing an instant hot water tap in your home could save you energy and water as well as extra time in the kitchen. This easy to use appliance provides you with instant boiling water for cooking and drinking, and it will eliminate unnecessary waste created by traditional water heating methods.

Instant Hot Water Tap – Attributes and Installation

An instant hot water tap is a device that can be installed by home owners or plumbers into a standard sink space with a tank underneath. You may choose a hot water tap that also filters the water, removing any chlorine taste, odour, sediment, heavy metals, and parasites that may be present in your normal tap water (although parasites are not a concern in the heated water). The hot water usually dispenses at about 201° Fahrenheit, but this can be set to be cooler or hotter if desired. Installing an instant hot water tap in your home kitchen could save your family money in the long run, while making boiling water accessible at the turn of a handle.

Save Energy and Water

Not only will a hot water tap save you time you would have spent waiting for water to boil; it can lower your energy and water bills as well. Any water that goes down the drain when you are waiting for the tap water to heat up is saved when you use a tap that dispenses hot water from the very beginning. Also, you can save energy by reducing the amount of time the stove or kettle is used to bring water to a boil. While it does take energy to maintain your hot water tap at a constant temperature, proper installation and insulation can minimise the heat loss for an efficient use of energy that will reduce your electric bill.

Always Be Prepared with a Hot Beverage or Meal

With instant boiling water at your finger-tips, you will always be ready to offer a hot cup of tea or fresh coffee to any visitor who might drop by or to grab a to-go mug before running to your next appointment. Make perfect hot chocolate for your kids in mere seconds at any time of the day or night for instant comfort or a quick chocolate fix. You can prepare delicious homemade pasta dishes or soups in record time with boiling water right from the tap. The hot water can even be used to warm up dishes before serving meals or to clean up spills on tile and grout. Best of all, this hot water is available without having another bulky appliance crowding your counter space.

Your family will love having accessible boiling water on hand for quick meals and hot beverages at any time. A hot water tap can also help you cut down on water wasted down the drain and trim the electric bill. Installing a hot water tap in your home kitchen can save you time and money while adding convenience and luxury to your daily life.


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