Treat yourself with an indulgent home spa bathroom

Making improvements to your home has never been more popular, with many homeowners looking to make substantial upgrades to their properties. Restaurant-grade kitchens and gadget-filled games rooms are some of the most popular additions but even the humble bathroom is getting a 21st century facelift. And a spa-style bathroom such as those found in top-end boutique hotels is a great way to make a luxurious addition to your home.

Contemporary design

To create the perfect spa bathroom it’s important to generate a feeling of tranquility and calm. Make the best use of the space through careful planning and avoid cramming in too much furniture. Good storage will allow you to stow untidy bathroom accessories such as cleaning products and spare toilet rolls out of sight, minimizing the amount of clutter on display.
Use vertical shelving or tall cabinets to avoid taking up too much valuable floor space. Opting for modern color schemes such as black, white or dark blue and silver will add to the contemporary feel of the space. Fully-tiling the walls will create a wet room feel, whilst including mosaic tiles with a metallic sheen adds an opulent touch. Using lots of glass will make the room feel bigger so choose rimless shower panels for a lighter effect. Ambient lighting from lots of different source helps create a relaxing atmosphere so combine halogen bathroom lights on a dimmer switch with wall lighting and plenty of candles for an atmospheric oasis of calm.

Spa facilities

Contemporary hotels often include luxurious spa features in their bathrooms to add to their guests’ enjoyment. The Ty Warner Suite in New York’s Four Seasons hotel is the city’s most spectacular penthouse, offering nine rooms, 360 degree panoramic views and a truly spectacular bathroom with a chromo therapy bath.
There’s even a separate spa area complete with a massage table. However, if the $45,000 per night price tag seems a bit steep, you can create a similar effect in your home for much less. Opt for a generously-proportioned bath with whirlpool jets to give bath time that Jacuzzi feel. If space is at a premium, a large shower enclosure makes a great alternative. Choose a modern digital shower with body massaging jets to soothe aching muscles after a hard day.

Smart accessories

Keeping clutter to a minimum will enhance the feeling of hotel-style luxury in the bathroom so choose just a few key accessories and make them especially indulgent. Contemporary above-sink mirrors such as those from lightmirrors.co.uk include innovative backlighting to enhance functionality and add a stylish touch. Open shelving units piled high with thick towels in white, black or bold colors give the feeling of sumptuous extravagance whilst scented soaps are a perfect indulgent treat. Adding in a couple of plants that thrive in steamy conditions will give the room more of a spa feel.

Selecting a simple, clean layout for your bathroom, adding in state-of-the-art bathroom technology and finishing with luxurious accessories will allow you to enjoy the indulgence of a spa retreat in the comfort of your own home.

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